Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation

The Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation has the mission of preserving the memory of Willy Brandt’s endeavours for peace, freedom and the unity of the German people, for the unification of Europe and for understanding and reconciliation among nations as well as for the North-South dialogue.

The Foundation administers its historical educational mission at two locations: The Forum Willy Brandt Berlin presents a permanent Willy Brandt exhibit, while the Willy Brandt House in Lübeck under the slogan “experiencing the history of the times” envisions itself as an place of extracurricular learning.

In Berlin and Lübeck the Foundation presents a broad educational programme for adults, young adults and children. Among the possibilities are guided tours of the exhibit, lectures, discussions with witnesses to history, seminars, school projects and activities for children.

The Foundation conducts historical research on Willy Brandt and arranges conferences. It also contributes to the interpretation of the Willy Brandt Archives at the Archives of Social Democracy of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Bonn.

The Foundation is devoted to Willy Brandt’s political legacy and to the fundamental values which guided him. It is dedicated to the task of keeping Willy Brandt’s insights and visions alive and passing them on to future generations.