Foundation of the Federal President Theodor Heuss House

Democracy in Germany owes a lot to him: As a writer and journalist, as a university instructor and a father of the constitution, as a liberal politician and the first Federal President, Theodor Heuss (1884-1963) represents a liberal and humane political tradition. The non-partisan Foundation of the Federal President Theodor Heuss House commemorates the life and influence of this man in a century characterised by upheavals and catastrophes.

The Foundation furthers research into contemporary history and is active in the field of civic education. It encourages everyone to reflect on democracy in Germany. This democracy looks back on a labyrinthine history, on detours and false pathways, on defeats and triumphs. In multifaceted presentations, exhibitions and publications as well as with interesting events tailor-made for pupils, the Foundation recalls this history and inquires into the historical roots of our present and ways into the future.