Theodor Heuss

1884 Born in Brackenheim (Württemberg)
1902-1905 Study of macroeconomics in Munich (obtained doctorate in 1905)
1905-1912 Editor of the weekly "Die Hilfe" in Berlin
1912-1918 Editor in chief of the daily "Neckar-Zeitung" in Heilbronn
1918-1933 Director of studies and lecturer at the German College for Politics in Berlin, business manager and board member of the German Work Federation (Deutscher Werkbund)
Member of the German Reichstag for the DDP or German National Party, later the DStP
1933-1945 Writer and journalist in Berlin and Heidelberg
1945-1949 Licence holder of the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung" in Heidelberg
1945/46 Education Minister of Württemberg-Baden, co-founder of liberal parties in South-western Germany
1946 Chairman (alongside Wilhelm Külz) of the pan-German Democratic Party of Germany (DPD)
1948/49 Member of the Parliamentary Council, founding chairman of the Free Democratic Party (FDP)
1949 Election to the 1st German Bundestag
1949-1959 First President of the Federal Republic of Germany (re-election in 1954)
1963 Died in Stuttgart