Otto von Bismarck Foundation

Otto von Bismarck is certainly the most historically significant German statesman of the 19th century. He contributed decisively to the unification of the German Reich and helped the modern world achieve its breakthrough in Germany.

The Otto von Bismarck Foundation envisions its principal task as honouring his achievements without ignoring the limitations of his actions and thereby always depicting the multilayered problems of the "long" 19th century in its European as well as global dimension.

The Foundation is represented at two locations: the principal headquarters is the historical railway station in Friedrichsruh. There, a permanent exhibition offers the visitor a panorama of the "Breakthrough to Modernity." In Friedrichsruh the Foundation also oversees the private Bismarck Museum. In its second location in Schönhausen, the buildings and the park give witness to the living environment which moulded Bismarck. There also is an exhibit on "Otto von Bismarck and his Times."

In the framework of its scholarly activity, the Foundation contributes to closing existing gaps in research on Bismarck and publishes the "New Friedrichsruh Edition" of Bismarck’s collected works. With its broad educational programme it encourages pupils, students, political disseminators, in fact all citizens interested in history, to become more deeply involved with German and European history.

Thanks to its comprehensive ensemble of exhibition, museums and archives, undoubtedly there is no other place of remembrance in Germany, where you can better deepen your knowledge of the 19th century, a most crucial era for Europe, and of its key figure than at the Otto von Bismarck Foundation in Friedrichsruh and Schönhausen.