Otto von Bismarck

1815 Born in Schönhausen near Stendal
1832-1835 Study of jurisprudence and political science
1839 Assumption of the management of paternal estates in Pomerania
1845 Entry as representative into the provincial parliament of Pomerania
1846 Assumption of the paternal estate Schönhausen
1847 Entry into the Unified Prussian State Parliament
1849 Election to the Second Chamber of the Prussian State Parliament
1851-1862 Prussian envoy to the Federal Diet in Frankfort on the Main, in St. Petersburg and Paris
1862 Named Prussian Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
1865 Elevation to an countship
1867 Named Chancellor of the North German federation
1871 Named Reich’s Chancellor and elevated to an hereditary princedom
1879 Assumption of the Prussian Trade Ministry
1890 Resignation as Minister of Trade, dismissal as Imperial Chancellor and Prussian Prime Minister by Wilhelm II.
1898 Died in Friedrichsruh