Foundation of the Federal Chancellor Adenauer House

After Konrad Adenauer’s death in April 1967, his seven sons and daughters gave his residence, its grounds and their father’s estate to the Federal Republic of Germany. The nation’s oldest political memorial came into being and since then has commemorated the long life and the influence of the first post-war German Chancellor and dedicated European Konrad Adenauer.

Since 1970 the original living spaces and a modern permanent exhibit have attracted nearly three million people from all over the world to Rhöndorf. With guided tours, project days, vacation programmes, lectures and seminars, the Foundation offers a broad programme of historical-political education for adults, young adults and children.

The archives preserve, develop and make accessible the extensive and significant estate of Konrad Adenauer. The Adenauer papers form the basis of the Foundation’s scholarly work. The edition of primary sources, the "Rhöndorfer Ausgabe", and the conferences of the "Rhöndorfer Gespräche" make an important contribution to historical research.