Reich’s President Friedrich Ebert Memorial Foundation

The Reich’s President Friedrich Ebert Memorial Foundation’s mission is to preserve the memory of the first German Reich’s President and to make a contribution to understanding German history during his life.

The Foundation devotes its efforts to fulfil this legal mandate in the Friedrich Ebert House in Heidelberg (Pfaffengasse 18) with a permanent exhibit on Friedrich Ebert’s life as well as multi-level offerings of historical information and political education, among those, special exhibits, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences and interviews with witnesses to history.

The House envisions its role as a place of learning about the history of democracy and has prepared special appropriate educational offerings tailored to various age and interest groups. More than 60,000 visitors come each year.

The Foundation conducts historical research on Friedrich Ebert and his times and thereby stimulates scholarly inquiry. In the spirit of its mission, it also regularly organizes scholarly forums. It also maintains a substantial library and an archive.

The intent of the Foundation is to contribute to preserving the memory of the great social democrat and statesman who, as a founder and guarantor of the Weimar Republic, stands as one of the trailblazers of modern German democracy.